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        Good Energy Is ... Making a Difference in Customers' Lives

        Vivian and Ali are powering a brighter future

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        Good Energy Is ... Reliable Service

        We're enhancing our region's transmission system

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        Good Energy Is ... Energy Used Wisely

        Save energy and money

        Good Energy Is ... Opportunities that Reach New Heights

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        Good Energy Is ... Staying Connected

        Stay in the know when you're on the go

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        Our Commitment

        We are committed to making customers' lives brighter, the environment better and our communities stronger.

        Link to Making a difference FirstEnergy story image

        Making a difference

        Vivian & Ali are powering a brighter future

        Link to 2019 Strategic Plan FirstEnergy story image

        2019 Strategic Plan

        Read our 5-year strategic plan, "Energized by Possibility"

        Link to Corporate Responsibility Report FirstEnergy story image

        Corporate Responsibility Report

        Learn how we're delivering energy for a brighter future

        Link to 2018 Annual Report FirstEnergy story image

        2018 Annual Report

        Link to Return Home Safely FirstEnergy story image

        Return Home Safely

        Everyone. Every day.

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        FirstEnergy Products & Services

        We're serving you in new ways